Forward-thinking and Innovative Approaches

We Know Compressed Air

At Bay Controls, we know compressed air. Energy solutions are our foundation, and complete, data-driven intelligence is our future.

At the heart of Bay Controls is our engineering team, who, since the beginning, have provided forward-thinking and innovative approaches to compressed air systems.

Our strong engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience in HVAC and compressed air solutions for many different industries. We apply our expertise to discover the best approaches to energy efficiency and cost savings for our customers.

Custom-Engineered Solutions

Whether they are an automotive plant in Detroit, a textile mill in Turkey, or a copper mine in Chile, our customers rely on us because we consistently deliver energy-saving solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Bay Controls provides the right solution for each customer, not just a product or service.

Need an out-of-the-box solution? Perfect: that’s where we thrive. We have the capabilities to custom-engineer the solution that you require for your energy goals.


In practice, you’ll discover an engineering team who…

  • Works in conjunction with your facility or corporate personnel on initiatives
  • Creates customized reporting engines that automatically analyze compressed air system KPIs
  • Offers specific recommendations to improve system performance
  • Identifies ways to reduce compressed air energy use
  • Installs and integrates systems for global connection and data communication
  • Adds and integrates metering infrastructure for all plant utilities
  • Engineers data acquisition frameworks

But these are just some of the many approaches our engineering team takes to energy solutions. Every situation is different, and we view challenges as opportunities.

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Learn More About Our Engineering Solutions

If you’re interested in learning more about Bay Controls’ experience with custom engineering solutions, please complete the form or give us a call at 419-891-4390.

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