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Tridium Niagara® Framework & Bay Controls

Like Bay Controls, the products and services that Tridium, a global software and technology company, provides can be applied to many different industries. One of its most groundbreaking platforms is the Niagara Framework®, a software platform that consolidates data from geographically diverse, multi-vendor systems and integrates these systems into an easily-managed, easily-controlled platform.

Overall, the Niagara Framework® can be used for building automation, energy management, industrial automation, total facilities management, and several other applications.

There are numerous opportunities for partnership between Tridium and Bay Controls; our missions are the same, with a shared focus on connectivity, data capturing, and efficiency.

That’s why we have become a certified Tridium Niagara developer. We can integrate our controls and other solutions with the Niagara platform on a large scale.

Ford Tridium

Ford Motor Company Upgrades North American Compressed Air Systems with No Out-of-Pocket Costs

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Our Experience with Niagara

After more than two decades of working together on compressed air controls and other energy projects, the Ford Motor Company’s Land Energy team turned to Bay Controls for help on their new mandate—to cut operations energy usage.

Throughout the project, Ford’s existing Bay Controls compressed air monitoring solution (BayWatch) was integrated with the Tridium Niagara platform that was being used as a utility monitoring platform companywide. We then developed a new Tridium driver that served as a bridge between the Bay Controllers and the Tridium hardware.

The result? Bay Controls reduced compressed air energy usage by an average of more than 9% at 10 Ford plants throughout North America.

Learn More About Our Experience with Niagara

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