Energy Savings

For many manufacturers, compressed air is often extremely expensive.

On average, compressed air costs can consist of up to 50% of the total electric expenditure of a large manufacturing plant – adding up to millions of dollars per year.

Our fundamental approach at Bay Controls is to work with you to reduce your compressed air system energy usage and, in turn, bring you predictable and reliable energy savings of 10-13%. This approach is based on several core strategies.

Core Strategies for

Compressed Air Energy Savings

System Pressure Reduction

Our controllers use powerful microprocessors to collect and analyze critical compressor monitoring points up to 100 times every second. Through this industry-leading combination of power and data, we can recognize and react to even the smallest changes in air system conditions faster than any other systems out there.

As a result, Bay controllers consistently maintain pressure within a narrow 1-2 psi band and enable pressure set points to be lowered while still reliably maintaining the minimum required system pressure. Lowered pressure points bring about immediate and substantial savings.

System Air Leakage Reduction

According to the Department of Energy, the average compressed air system loses between 10-30% of its air due to leaks. Our focus is at Bay Controls to reduce potential leaks and translate that into lowered costs.

Since our controllers enable lower pressure set points with precise pressure control bands, they also drastically reduce the amount of lost and leaked air.

Compressor Run Time Reduction

Many control systems don’t have the ability to automatically start and stop as plant air demand changes. The result? Air compressors often run continuously and unloaded for long periods of times.

Bay controllers allow you to schedule your air when you need it, matching your air supply to your demand based on your plant’s production. You can reduce unnecessary run time and save energy overall.

Utility Incentive

As an energy solutions company, Bay Controls is often included in the custom incentive programs that investor-owned utilities (IOUs) offer their customers. IOUs are focused on reducing energy consumption, and our systems and solutions are the perfect way to achieve these goals.

If you’re considering doing any energy projects at your facility and are eligible for a custom incentive program from your IOU provider, we can offset the project costs and have a faster ROI on any investment(s) you make.

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