A New Level of Predictability and Accountability

Following the data collection and analysis, we move to the next step in compressed air intelligence: the project implementation. Our engineering team will work with your team to develop the project scope, implementation methods, and projected timelines, and then partner with you each step of the way.

In addition to project development, we will participate in the actual project implementation itself. Often, our engineers will come on-site and assist with—or even complete—crucial projects like software installations, controls upgrades, and systems integrations.

Afterwards, you and your facility team will have the tools and data you need to maintain consistent, desired set points, meet energy goals, and identify and carry out energy-saving projects. Our BayWatch compressor management system, for example, gathers details of all of your compressors’ activities and displays KPIs on a dashboard so plant personnel can track their operations and make necessary adjustments. In addition to quality data, this framework brings a new level of predictability and accountability to compressed air projects with continuous monitoring and performance verification to make sure that projects deliver on expectations.

Overall, you’ll be provided with a complete picture of how all of your compressors act in real time. But the project implementation doesn’t just stop there. We will provide long-term support, on going data collection capabilities, analyses, and troubleshooting for whatever compressed air system needs you have. As technology changes and data becomes more accessible, we will help you find and maintain ongoing solution to your compressed air system efficiency.

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