Ford Motor Company

Bay upgrades control hardware and improve compressed air systems at Ford, resulting in annual savings of $3 million

Compressed Air

Project Scope

Ford and Bay Controls implemented a state-of-the-art compressor control system for Ford’s Vehicle Operations plants (22 facilities and 157 air compressors). Air compressors at each site were upgraded with the Bay Compressor Controller and integrated using distributed capacity control technology. In addition to the controls standardization, the project included internet-based monitoring of all the air compressors via Bay’s BayWatch service.

Project Summary

By utilizing the Bay Controls air compressor control system, each plant was able to optimize their compressed air requirements relative to energy use. The internet-based BayWatch monitoring system provides Ford with continuous real-time and historic air compressor performance information. Additional benefits included in this project were Bay Controls’ auto start/stop, performance log, and scheduling software. This project included all engineering, labor, and training for a turnkey installation.

Energy Savings

Projected annual energy cost savings is $3 million (50,779,601 kWh) or a 13% improvement.

Project Cost

Total project cost was $3,654,710.


The payback period for this project was 15 months.

Other Benefits

Productivity, reliability, and maintenance benefits were realized with this project as well as energy savings.

Monitoring and Verifying Energy Savings

The BayWatch service was employed to monitor and verify energy savings.

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